This site contains a set of observations and perspectives on the digital health industry. For the last 15 years, I’ve have been knee-deep in this sector, observing the radical change that has swept through the world as technology has begun to transform health. I first caught the digital medicine bug back in 2003 when, as a young entrepreneur, I was invited to build a biospecimen tracking product for a pharma company that wanted to accelerate drug research in oncology. My product was a cornerstone in a massive research engine that led to new scientific insights and uncovered the molecular and RNA transcriptional origins of cancer. After working on a project like that, it was nearly impossible for me to consider any other industry to work in. After completing graduate school (and the requisite years at McKinsey & Company, I returned to my technology leadership roots and have stayed there since.

Most recently, I was the Chief Technology and Product Officer at Pear Therapeutics. Pear is an amazing company, and one of the first ever companies to achieve FDA clearance for a software mono-therapy. At Pear, I led a team that built new digital therapeutics in a half-dozen different conditions, advancing them through the clinical development and research process and into FDA review. I also got knee-deep into the challenges of commercializing the first ever prescription digital therapy.

Since leaving Pear, I have been advising many companies in the digital therapeutics space. My work with companies typically focuses in three areas:

  • Developing and refining business models, and understanding how to transform digital health innovation into reimbursable products. I’ve done this both on the investor side as well as for management teams of emerging companies.
  • Helping companies navigate commercial product/market fit
  • Building next-generation capabilities for developing best-in-class mobile applications.

A lot of my clients are in a similar place, looking to navigate what can be a confusing and sometimes counter-intuitive industry. I’m hoping to use this site as a place to capture my thoughts and perspectives on this industry from an insider’s perspective.