This web site is a place for occasional ideas and perspectives on the digital health industry. It all started in 2003, when I was a young entrepreneur given the opportunity to accelerate cancer research by building biospecimen tracking systems. 15 years after that, I help lead Pear Therapeutics to the first-ever launch of a prescription digital therapeutic.

Here you’ll find articles with some musings and ideas taken from my ongoing work helping emerging companies create robust business models and products that bring digital medicine to the next level.

About Jeremy

I am a career technology leader and executive specializing in product and technology leadership at the intersection of digital health and technology. Awesome companies I’ve worked for include Pear Therapeutics, PatientsLikeMe, McKinsey & Company, CVS/Pharmacy and BBN Technologies. I am passionate about design to value, lean product creation, and user centric design. See my linkedin profile for on my past experiences.

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